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    Heritage Store Castor Oil Soap
    • Handmade
    • Castile Base
    • Paraben free
    • Sulfate Free
    • Vegan 
    • Unscented
    RM38.90   30.01   23%
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    All Purpose Herbal Healing Balm - Eczema, itchiness , mosquito bite


    • Good for wounds, burns, bug bites, dry skin, itching & rashes especially eczema , psoariasis and etc
    • Effectively relieve itchiness. 
    • Reduces redness and skin irritation to soothe and relieve skin disorders
    • Provides skin moisturisation and hydration
    • Acts as a skin protectant. Effectively forms physical barrier on the surface of the skin to reduce TEWL
    From RM 25.00
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    Heritage Store Colloidal Silver Soap
    • Cleanse impurities
    • Refresh your skin
    • Experience all the benefits of colloidal silver 
    • Great for problem skin
    • Cure back acne
    RM39.90   30.91   23%
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    Life Flo Magnesium Lotion 237ml
    • Pure magnesium chloride
    • Formulated with rich shea butter and coconut oil
    • Soothe and hydrate skin without leaving it feeling greasy
    • Ideal for massage and can be used daily.
    • Great for muscle stiffness, insomnia
    RM75.00   65.00   13%
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