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    Dried Thyme Leaf  50g

    Thyme blends well with many other herbs, enhancing rather than overpowering other flavors. Use this herb to add warmth and pungency to marinades, stuffings, vegetables, stews and cheese dishes.

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    St. John's Wort - Organically Grown Dried Flowering(Dried herbs) 50g

    Saint John's Wort, so-called because it is traditionally harvested on St. John's Day, is a striking perennial herb indigenous to Europe. It is one of the most popular medicinal herbs in the United States with its primary use being to balance the mood.

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    Colloidal Oatmeal

    Anti-Aging Properties

    Colloidal Oatmean has effective anti-aging and reparative properties due to a typical beta glucan content of 5-6%.

    Effective Anti-Irritant

    Soothes and relieves redness, itching and minor skin irritations caused by eczema or skin rashes.

    Skin Protectant

    Monographed by the FDA as a skin protectant. Reduces TEWL and effectively forms physical barrier on the skin surface.

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