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100% Pure Virgin Organic Argan Oil - Morocco

    100% Pure Virgin Organic Argan Oil - Morocco

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    Brand: Maple Organics
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    • Origin : Morroco
    • Unrefined/Virgin
    • Organic 
    • Top Grade
    • Botanical Name: Argania spinosa
    • High Quality

    Searching for high quality Argan Oil? You've found it! The Argania spinosa, Argan Tree, grows up to 10 meter tall, and can live up to 200 years with thorny trunks, and small, long, oval, leaves. The yellow-green petals of the flowers bloom into an amazing broad fruit with a pulpy unpleasant smelling inside, that surrounds a hard nut, containing oil rich seeds. These seeds are expeller pressed to obtain pure Argan Oil. 

    This native Moroccan treasure was instrumental in the daily lives of many natives, and as it grew in popularity the world! In fact, many Arabian traders tell tales of how this golden oil was highly treasured in Europe by the wealthy, and herbalist/apothecary. Today, Argan Oil is one of the most coveted carrier/base oils by cosmetic product manufacturers, a trend that shows little sign of stopping.