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cera belina

    cera belina

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    Brand: Maple Organics
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    Cera Bellina is a derivative of natural beeswax where the free fatty acids have been converted to polyglycerol esters, therefore increasing the hydrophilicity of the molecule. Elimination of these fatty acids improves stability, oil gelling, and increases overall consistency of a formula. Cera Bellina is similar to beeswax with improved oil gelling properties. It suppresses oil syneresis and inhibits crystallization in formulation. Uses include dispersions, anhydrous systems, color cosmetics and skin care. The addition of Cera Bellina wax will provide a smooth and luxurious texture in lip balms, lotion bars, or emulsions. Usage levels for improvements as low as 2 and up to 20%, depending on application. Cera Bellina may also help with graininess in butters.